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To express and receive in a comprehensible way, while respecting the element of human nature, can elevate a relationship to new levels where ideas fly, love blossoms and children flourish. To allow space for humans to share, talk and grow is what makes people great. And great people make great partners, great parents and great teammates.

- Tracy Thibodeau, communications expert

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Team Communications

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Why Communication?

I'm a mom, a team member, an entrepreneur, a wife and a friend.

In every role I have, I depend on the process of communicating. In every role that I am a part of, I have been in instances where I have been great at communicating and not so great. I've watched my relationship deteriorate because I didn't know how to get us back to the same page. I've watched my daughter lose emotional control because I was unable to diffuse a situation. I've been a part of misunderstandings in teams that have led to the breakdown of a project.

Learning how to communicate, not just as a framework but as a practice, changes everything. Being able to recognize the human element that is at play in each communication and allow the space for it to exist without derailing a message is an art and a science, and I have built programming to help you get to the next level of communication.

If you are interested in coaching or one of the relationship workshops, email 

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You can check out any of the #SpreadLove projects I am a part of below as I work to bring us back to our natural state of compassionate communication.

Work with Tracy

If you are looking for someone to help you with direction, momentum and growth, I am currently accepting new clients for the following program:

5- Step Intentional Growth Program

When you know you've got to make changes and you haven't been able to successfully get momentum, it might be time to get a plan in place. If you are looking for progress and growth, this program is designed to help you uncover your destination and get on the path towards it. The program not only helps you get momentum on a specific goal, it also teaches you how to incorporate living on purpose strategies into your life.

Step 1: Set your destination.

Step 2: Build a Plan

Step 3: Build a Bad Weather Plan

Step 4: Set Sail - Get Started

Step 5: Adjust your Sails - Adjust the plan

2 - 2 hour intensive discovery sessions to uncover the target for 2019
1 - 90 minute planning session to build path for the target
1 - Limiting Belief re-framing script
Weekly 30 minute accountability calls for 10 weeks

Program: $800.00


Contact to book a free consultation to determine if this program is right for you.