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Calling all mothers… it’s time to get real

I wasn't going to be a mom - because I couldn't do it all...


There's no such thing as work-life balance. Let's get that straight.

But it turns out that there is a methodical approach to having it all. It is possible to live a life worth celebrating - getting your


I didn't start off thinking I would ever be a mom.  I saw myself wearing expensive suits and fancy shoes and rocking the boardroom. I was climbing the corporate ladder to be the boss babe. How could I do that and be a mom too? No way.

But then I met my life partner. He had a vision and a strategy to do it all. And I was all in.

Only one child I said, as I got my first professional job in a large company. Nine months later, our baby girl was born. Check, check.

But two years later, I could sense the selfishness in my decision to not give our child a sibling. So along came baby girl number two.

New job, new career and rocking the sales floor of an advertising company, things were going amazing.

Fast forward two more years and the idea of a third child popped up. Using our decision grid and our method to intentionally move forward in life together (may sound boring, but it works!), a third girl was brought in to this world.

And I continued to climb the corporate ladder. Enterprise, Director... to the top.

And I continued to follow big dreams, leaving a fulfilling life in the suburbs to re-locate our young family to a rural setting -  80 acres outside a Manitoba town I had never heard of.

All the while, working on me. Continuously learning, taking courses and diving deeper and deeper in to myself. Taking theories from psychology and social sciences and experimenting with my own successes and happiness.

And I have lived hard. I have experienced the fall to the bottom and I have experienced the consequences of many mistakes. I have lost control and I've almost given up. I've lived on the edge of mental health issues that have threatened my very existence.

And through it all I learned what is alive inside.

And today, I share it all. Because as a mom of three girls and as a working woman, I have felt the looks of judgement and I've felt my own judgments inside. I have paid attention to the tug and pull as guilt and desire played with my wishes. I've seen what happens when you give too much to something and another part of your life atrophies.

I've had to continuously work improve myself as a mom, as a working woman and as a life partner.

It has been work and some days have felt hard.

But it is oh so worth it.

Why can't we have fun with this? Why can't we look in the mirror and be truthful about what comes up inside. Why can't we play with our insecurities, with our vulnerabilities? Why can't we dance with the ego that gets in the way of connection, spin it around, and laugh as we allow ourselves to openly share our true experience with others.

Follow me as I lay it all out - giving women everywhere permission to feel okay just as you are today in this very moment and providing a conscious option for moving forward from this moment.

How do you want to live? What is alive in you today? What do you want to feel less of? Feel more of? What is stopping you?

Only one thing.

You are.

Join me as I work to bring together a community of vivacious authentic women who own all of their story - the beauty, the messiness, their shadows and their power.

Let's have some fun on this journey right?