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Lord of the Flies in Technicolor

I know that my posts alter from the depth of my mind to the hearth of my home but I keep it honest, writing about what I’m thinking about rather than reaching for a “relevant” topic to the theme.  In case you haven’t recognized it, the theme here is life.  And life can be comical depending on the fullness of the moon or it can move you to question things that once seemed normal.  Today there are no questions… and there is definately not normal – well not normal as you might see it.   

My dear 2 year old is a one of kind.  On most days, you might find her to resemble the Tazmanian Devil. Today, I was pretty sure that I was living in a chapter from Lord of the Flies – literally.

To walk out on the deck – no children to be seen.  I scan the treehouse, no sign of them there.  Maybe in the bouncer which has been inflated since the wee hours of the morning in an effort to wear them out? Nope not there either.  Come around the corner of the gazebo and Ah HA! There swinging from the canopy of the yard swing, I see one tiny little butt crack.  Yep, one entirely naked two year old, arms stretched upwards like a child of the apes. She is watching, no, scratch that – grunting at the neighbours dogs who are struggling to determine whether they should run and hide or stand and fight.  They nervously bark and try to ward off the swinging creature that threatens them. 

She drops to the swing and turns around to face me.  Only more validation of my theory.  Her face is streaked with dirt from digging in the sandbox.  Her skin speckled with grime.  I remind her that we can’t be naked outside.  That she needs to get some clothes on.  She lets me know that she is not interested in clothes.  We reach a compromise as she wiggles in to her little Dora knickers.

Oh bathtime is going to be fun but there is something appealing about the freedom she is expressing.  If only the sand wasn’t getting all stuck in her freedom.