Relationship Coach, Speaker, Love Advocate

The Other Side of Lonely


Tracy as a teenager and Tracy today would appear to be two completely separate human beings. As a teenager, Tracy struggled with feeling isolated and lonely, drowning in feelings of insecurity and depression. There were days she couldn’t think of anything worthwhile in her life.  Now a Mother of three daughters, Tracy has discovered the gift in her pain as she shares what she learned from escaping loneliness to get to the other side.

Tracy has taken her story – taming the inner voices, growing an inner champion  and getting what you want in work, home and play – and created a series of thought-provoking presentations on how our human programming can hold us back if we don’t pay attention.  She has continued to use the lessons learned from overcoming her inner doubts and demons to  build a life of successes in work, home and at play.  She uses her story to teach people from an early age how to recognize what’s holding you back, what’s making you feel unworthy and how to overcome those inner doubts so that you can get exactly what you want.