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Corporate Presentations – The Power of the Voice at Work

Building Successful Habits
– Understand the opportunities that occur when we start dripping healthy routines in to our daily lives in a methodical, purposeful way. When a person understands how our biases and unconscious thinking patterns create our own obstacles to success, we can make conscious decisions to over come those obstacles. This talk will entertain your audience as we have some fun exploring our challenges in staying “disciplined”. Prepare to walk away with new perspectives thatwill help you incorporate powerful routines into your daily lives. Routines that will start to propel you forward in work and in play so you can see the results that you desire.


The Power of the Voice in Getting Results – Understand how the Sabatoeur in your mind holds you back from achieving your goals.  Your brain is genetically lazy and doing everything it can to conserve power.  This means that achieving goals requires mindful effort to combat that Sabatoeur and get the results you are looking for.  Choose this if you are looking for motivation and applicable steps to put best intentions in to action.

The Power of the Voice in Successful Sales – Understand how the Voice in your head inconspicuously sets up hurdles that keep you from performing at your highest potential. Choose this if you are looking to understand how to create habits of discipline that fight back against the Voice in your head to help you build relationships, network and hit sales targets.